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Programmation orientée objet en C#


Ce livre est une introduction à la programmation orientée objet. Il présente de manière progressive et illustrée les concepts essentiels et les savoir-faire associés. — Baptiste Pesquet

Getting Started with Netduino

Sur O'REILLY Start building electronics projects with Netduino, the popular open source hardware platform that’s captured the imagination of makers and hobbyists worldwide. This easy-to-follow book provides the step-by-step guidance you need to experiment with Netduino and the .NET Micro Framework. Chris Walker

Netduino Measurement Electronics (hardware and software)

Sur Amazon This book is a practical guide which can help the C# developers to buiild measurement and control systemsbased upon popular Netduino boards. Yuri Magda

Getting Started with the Internet of Things

Sur Amazon What is the Internet of Things? It's billions of embedded computers, sensors, and actuators all connected online. If you have basic programming skills, you can use these powerful little devices to create a variety of useful systems—such as a device that waters plants when the soil becomes dry. This hands-on guide shows you how… Cuno Pfister

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